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Build My Body Beautiful is rated #1 for Personal Training, Body Transformations and Virtual Fitness in Toronto by BlogTO, Now Magazine, Muscle Insider & CanFit Pro!

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Transform Your Body with Toronto’s Premier Virtual Personal Trainer, Right from Your Home

Embark on a transformative virtual personal training journey curated just for you. Located in the heart of Toronto but touching hearts globally, we intimately understand the challenges women face in their pursuit of a better self. Every mirror glance wishing for a change, every outfit tried and set aside, and every silent promise to start tomorrow — we’ve been a beacon of hope for over 5,000 women, from beginners to elite athletes. Our strength is not just as a leading award winning personal trainers in Toronto but in our deep empathy and understanding. Especially for the busy professional woman, juggling roles and responsibilities, craving a moment of self-love and care. If you’ve been seeking an online coach who truly gets your journey and is passionate about walking it with you, you’ve found your haven. Together, let’s craft the story your heart yearns for.

Find a Personal Trainer in Downtown Toronto

Your journey to find the perfect Toronto personal trainer ends here. At Build My Body Beautiful, we’re not just about fitness; we understand the heartbeats, the silent wishes, and the aspirations of every woman who seeks a change. Standing as Toronto’s pinnacle in virtual personal training and body transformations, we specialize in reshaping, rejuvenating, and rekindling the spirit within. Whether your dreams whisper weight loss, muscle tone, or a holistic health boost, our award-winning online personal training team is poised to guide your steps. Experience tailored workouts paired with nourishing nutrition plans that resonate with your rhythm. And as you evolve, revel in the camaraderie of a community that celebrates every milestone with you. With over 5,000 transformed lives as our testament, we invite you to embrace the magic of personalized fitness. Begin your metamorphosis with us and unveil the lean, fit, and radiant version of you that’s waiting to shine.

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About Build My Body Beautiful

We Rely on Experience

Build My Body Beautiful has been transforming the lives of women for over a decade. We are a team of highly experienced personal trainers who are committed to helping women adopt healthier, happier lifestyles.

We Offer Only the Best

We provide Toronto’s best personal training to women of all ages and fitness levels.

Take advantage of our completely customized exercise and diet plans. We’re here to help keep you accountable, motivated, and always supported.

We Understand

We know how hard it can be to take that first step to make a change. That’s why our highly skilled team of trainers is with you — from start to finish. We make working out as fun and as personally rewarding as possible.

Leave your nerves at the door! Benefit from personal training in a safe and secure environment where everyone is equal.

We Deliver Results

Achieve your ideal weight, optimize your fitness level, and look amazing from the inside out! Our personal trainers will get you in top-notch physical condition in no time.

Looking for effective virtual personal training? Call us today!

Build My Body Beautiful is a community of strong, like-minded Toronto women. We support each other through health and fitness journeys that last a lifetime. Our personal training team is dedicated to connecting with you and understanding what drives you so that you can reach your personal goals.

Struggling with your shape, size, and self-confidence? Trust us to find the solution for you. We make it our mission to transform the lives and bodies of everyday women in Toronto. Just take a look at our client results and our well-established personal training track record!

Find out how over 4,000+ Toronto women have achieved better health and the body of their dreams. Work with the best personal trainers and become part of our family.

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Take a look at what our Personal Training Clients have to say

I joined BMBB in November 2017. I have been training with Christina ever since, and I couldn’t be happier about my decision! Christina is very friendly, caring and very professional. She pays attention to individual needs and does a great job tailoring workouts based on them. She is also a great motivator! I have been seeing very good results ever since I started; both physical and mental. Recently I started to attend the bootcamp classes as well and I find them to be a good complement to the personal training classes. Alysha from the team is in charge of the diet plans and the combination of the workout classes and the diet plans gets you very good results in a reasonable amount of time. Overall I highly recommend the BMBB team if you are serious about changing your lifestyle and getting to your fitness goals!
Mahnoosh Montazeri

BMBB – best ladies bootcamp hands down.
I’ve been a regular since 2016; classes are challenging (in a good way) and instructors are the best: Aly in particular is AMAZING! I’ve followed her from beginners to fit and firm. When I first started I had sustained a few injuries from an MVA and was worried about my ability to keep up… from day one I felt nothing but encouragement from Aly – she provides motivation, modified exercises and makes you feel like you belong. Bonus: the ladies in class are a lovely source of support! Highly recommend BMBB personal training for anyone looking for a great workout, knowledgeable trainers and a warm environment. 🙂

Fi M
Transformation and change can be difficult; not with BMBB. From my first discussion with Ana to my training sessions with Raya I have been encouraged and challenged to work toward and achieve my personal goals. The combination of the BMBB diet, training and self accountability is perfect with visible results almost immediately. I highly recommend BMBB for anyone looking for a healthy diet and physically fit lifestyle.
Debbi Waish

Being vegan, I’ve found it next to impossible to find a nutritionist or trainer with successful results. Then I came to BMBB.
Aly not only helped me get my diet on track & working for me personally, but she also coached me into the best shape of my life.
While working with Aly I lost over 70lbs, gained muscle in places I have never had before & most importantly I’ve got a newfound confidence in myself.
My body has undergone a complete transformation that never would have been possible without Aly personal training and the BMBB team.

Lauren Piche

I chose BMBB personal trainer toronto based on their excellent online reviews, and I am so happy with my experience! It can be intimidating joining a new gym or program but Christina was approachable and made me feel comfortable right away. Her workouts were challenging and I never got bored as she always switched them up. I started noticing results and changes in my body after only a few sessions with Christina. For someone who had zero experience with weight training, it was awesome to see how much stronger I was getting. I would highly recommend Christina for anyone looking to get back into shape and find their confidence at the gym again! She is a great trainer and motivating person to be around. Thank you!!

Becca W

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Personal Training Toronto

Transform your health and physical appearance, by working with a personal trainer in Toronto who can tailor workouts to suit your present level of fitness, stamina, and exercise interests. Lose weight fast and let your self-confidence skyrocket, as you finally align your body with your ideal self-image.

How Virtual Personal Training Works

Customized Diet Plans

Everyone’s metabolism is different. Our metabolism and nutritional requirements also change as we get older. To help you lose weight and reach your peak physical fitness goals, we offer personal training that includes the creation of custom training program diet plans. This makes healthy eating altogether easy.

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Custom Workout Program and Diet Program Design

Recover your body from years of dietary abuse by kickstarting weight loss with our Custom Workout & Diet Program Design. Our workout programs are designed by master personal trainers for in-home or gym use – stop doing random workouts and get on track to get the body you deserve! We help women get motivated and make a long-term commitment to long-lasting weight loss and improved physical vitality. Start your journey by signing up today with a dedicated personal trainer!

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“My mission is to introduce health and fitness into women’s lives, and empower them to lead a healthy lifestyle, create a positive self-image and feel confident from the inside out.”

Ana Plenter, Founder & Award Winning Personal Trainer Toronto