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I start most of my clients with the Body Beautiful 7 Day Detox. It’s basically a week-long nutritional guide that aims to “train” your body to burn fat for energy. During this weight loss cleanse, it’s not uncommon for my girls to lose up to 1.5 pounds a day and 10 pounds that same week. Here is WHY it works:

Your health depends on three things: how much you move, how much you rest and what you eat. When I meet a new client, I refer to it as a tripod; if one of these three things isn’t intact within your fitness routine, the whole thing crumbles.

I am sure you have heard that many times, so I don’t want to be a captain obvious here. Instead, I will answer the three questions that are on the tip of the tongue of most women. Here it goes:

How do I transition to eating healthy, without experiencing cravings and my food not tasting like cardboard?

How do I stop myself from yo-yo dieting?


How do I feel confident in my own skin and love my body, without sacrificing my social life?

The short answer is that it’s completely possible to eat clean and enjoy life. It is possible to feel healthy, have more energy, not experience any stomach discomfort and maintain a healthy weight throughout the year. All that while not eating bland foods and counting your calories.

As you know, doing anything for a certain amount of time frequently will result in forming a habit. Eating especially correlates with this principle, because you have to do it multiple times a day. So if you eat healthy – then you will continue doing it, without even thinking twice. If you don’t, then things won’t change, until you break the habit.

And this is exactly what my detox is all about. It is a way to change your eating habits in just one week. The transition is not an easy one and you will need to put in some work to get there first. You will need to come prepared both mentally and logistically.

Before you start thinking that I am talking about some revolutionary and complicated protocol – don’t worry. All I am talking about here is a mere seven-day weight loss cleanse. It has very simple rules and with some preparation beforehand, none of my clients ever found it complicated.

The effects of this weight loss cleanse are going to blow your mind!

This weight loss cleanse is the beginning of every fitness journey for most of my clients. Every single Body Beautiful transformation started with my girls using this detox to kickstart their weight loss.

weight loss cleanse

Each of my clients’ transformations starts with Body Beautiful 7 Day Detox. SEE MORE TRANSFORMATIONS

This plan will transition you to eating healthy food by crushing your cravings in just one week. Don’t kid yourself, It’s very unlikely that you will achieve all your goals in just one week. After this initial week you should have a solid plan of action in terms of nutrition.

I definitely got you covered there too if you need one, just pick a plan to follow from my weight loss diet library. Or if you need a more in-depth and customized approach, schedule an appointment with my dietitian, Alysha, she is a master of integrating healthy eating into your lifestyle seamlessly and pain-free.

This weight loss cleanse will also help you to actually lose weight in just one week. Some clients have dropped up to 10 pounds in seven days. Ever followed a fitness program, where you lose 2-3 pounds a month? Imagine how motivated you will be after dropping this much every other day.

Prepare for success

I realize that I must sound like an infomercial: “I have a magical bean that will make all your problems go away!”. Here is a kicker though, it is NOT an easy week. This weight loss cleanse can take a toll on anyone, so read the instructions carefully and prepare accordingly. Get rid of all junk food in the house, grab groceries for the week, prepare you meals… And figure out what to do on the weekend, so that it won’t ruin your progress.

The degree of blandness of your food will only be determined by your imagination. I highly recommend browsing my blog for healthy recipe ideas to avoid eating boring meals throughout the week. You can also download the Body Beautiful recipe book that is packed with nutritious goodness. And if you aren’t following me on Instagram, you definitely should start doing it right now @buildmybodybeautiful, I am always on it and post daily updates and tips, answer questions and provide my ladies with tons of support and love!

Completely sugar free. Eating healthy is not a chore!

How does this weight loss cleanse work

As I mentioned, the Body Beautiful 7 Day Detox is very simple. First thing we do, is train your body to utilize fat for energy. Your body is a machine and it runs on carbs as its primary fuel. So just for this week, we will leave only the minimum amounts of carbs in your nutrition plan. This will allow your body to transition to its secondary fuel source – fats.

The transition from burning carbs to burning fats, can be uncomfortable:

By day 3 of the plan, you will have used up all of your glycogen stores. Your body won’t start using fats right away. You may feel tired, sleepy and moody. My advice here is to hang in for a couple of days. Do not allow yourself to come off the detox!

By day 4 or 5, your energy levels will bounce back to normal and you will feel absolutely normal.

For the last couple of days, your body will run smoothly, while burning the fats from your detox plan.

Foods that you will be eating

Most food items on this weight loss cleanse are hand picked to be whole and nutrient dense. You will have to prepare all of your meals. If that’s not an option then you will have to turn into an extremely picky eater. Don’t worry, I have been driving waiters crazy for years every time I go to a restaurant.

The bulk of the food items on the list consists of green leafy vegetables, lean proteins and healthy fats. The trick is to follow it to the T. So if you find yourself wondering whether you can eat something that’s not on the list, the answer is no, you can’t. It’s a simple rule that’s not easy to follow, but bear with it for just a week (and perhaps review my clients’ results – they all stuck to it).

Oh, the best part is that it is very flexible. You literally pick and choose which foods you like from the list. Don’t like broccoli? Not problem! Pick spinach or kale instead. The point is not to put you in a situation, where you feel restricted to eating only the certain foods.

It also allows you to experiment with different ingredients and realize that healthy food can taste great if you put your mind to work!

Get it now – it’s free!

As women, we are prone to feeling the pressure that pushes us to assume certain roles that we not necessarily want to. You need to have a successful career, buy expensive clothes, have a six-pack, while being passionate and sexy at the same time.

Who is talking about feeling confident and happy while looking at yourself in the mirror?

This weight loss cleanse won’t put millions in your bank account or give you a fitness model’s body. It’s only meant to kick-start your journey towards a healthy lifestyle and help you get rid of bad habits. While weight loss will occur, it’s up to you to continue making healthy choices afterwards. This detox will simply make it easier for you to achieve your goals.

So if you are tired of yo-yo dieting, starting over and just want to get rid of some extra weight for good, download my 7 Day Detox Plan right now, read it over and start you journey – it’s absolutely free!


About the author : Ana Plenter

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