Being a Toronto personal trainer presents a whole set of challenges that I need to overcome daily. I face an immense amount of competition, have an insane schedule where I wake up at 4:30am every day and despite my high-paced lifestyle, I need to find time to workout and make healthy meals for the day (I live what I preach). On top of it all, as an entrepreneur, I have to respond to emails, phone calls, text messages, do admin work, coordinate promotions and of course work with my clients (which is what I enjoy the most!).

Everyone around me always wonders how I manage it all and not get burnt out. Considering that I have been running this business since 2010 (wow, time flies!) it is a fair question. My only answer here is to say that I LOVE what I do. Being a Toronto personal trainer is very rewarding for me, I love watching my girls succeed and seeing their faces lit up with pride and confidence for accomplishing something that they thought was unreachable. Changing how your body looks and feels is one of the most challenging tasks in life, because unlike most other goals, this one you have to work on 24/7 and once you have achieved success, guess what? You still need to do your maintenance work, so you don’t lose what you have gained.

This weekend I had a pleasure of attending an IDFA fitness show, and watch two of my clients participate. Kim and Rose have been training with me for a few months, with a common goal of stepping on stage in front of a crowd to compete in bikini (Kim) and transformation (Rose) categories. And participate they did – the two stole the show! Kim took the first place in her category and Rose had a fantastic presentation during her transformation round! I am so proud of both of them I can barely put it in words!!

If you are looking to get in shape, lose inches and pounds, keep this in mind: YOU CAN DO IT TOO, but the more you procrastinate and hesitate, the longer it will be until you will make a change in your life. Contact me RIGHT NOW to book a free consultation and I will be glad to work with you

toronto personal trainer

Kim showing off her first place trophy!


toronto personal trainer

Check out Rose’s six pack!!


toronto personal trainer

Written on the shirt: ‘Canadian Girls Rule’. Amen 🙂