Women’s Ultimate Program to Training for Lean Muscle

  • Do you feel uncomfortable exercising in the weight room, unsure of where to start?
  • Ever wonder if your form is correct or if your workout might lead to injury?
  • Are you spending hours in the gym without seeing the results you deserve?
  • Do you want to create a fit, lean, feminine physique without adding bulk?

Introducing BodyStrong -Toronto’s most comprehensive training weight training program aimed to empower and teach women how to build a strong, sexy body for life.

This 6-week series will teach you the fundamentals of strength training and take your body to the next level!

Get ready to work hard, train smart and replace fat with lean muscle!

BodyStrong’s Women’s Strength Training Camp a welcoming, inclusive environment for women of all fitness levels. Our senior strength coaches are here to empower and educate women who want to take their training to the next level.

You’ll not only experience an intense sweat session, our educational-approach will help you get the most out of your workouts, whether in class or on your own. You will be amazed at how simple tweaks to your exercises can completely reshape your body.

With the BodyStrong program you’ll master the proven techniques used by fitness models including:

✔ Deadlifts
✔ Squats
✔ Bench presses
✔ Pull Ups
✔ Push-ups
✔ And much more!

The benefits of BodyStrong weight training program for women are endless. In just 6 weeks you will:

✔ Reshape your body – build lean muscle mass, and burn fat

✔ Never feel intimated in the weight room again

✔ Ignite your metabolism – burn more calories even while you sleep

✔ Gain strength and have more energy

✔ Sharpen your mind and feel more confident

✔ Sculpt a bad-ass, fit, yet feminine physique

BodyStrong is fastest way to reshape your body into a stunning, fit physique

The benefits of PROPER weight training for women are endless

Not to brag, but we have worked with over 3000 women, including celebrities, fitness models and award winning fitness competitors. One thing we know is that weight lifting (with proper form) is the #1 way to reshape the body.

You are putting on all those hours of training, you actually want to look like you go to the gym right? So number #1 tip ladies – get off the elliptical and pick up some weights.

BodyStrong strength training program will help you reshape your body, empower you and have you feel more confident than ever.

You will train in a safe and effective small group environment designed for women just like you.

You’ll get comfortable using a variety of equipment, targeting multiple muscle groups while emphasizing proper form, functional movement and safe, effective techniques.

AND you’ll be part of an all-girl team who, just like you, are ready to fall in love with lifting!

This is no quick fix: BodyStrong gives you the fundamentals to build your personal fitness routine that will keep you improving each time you step into the gym.

Are you ready to be amazed by your own strength?

“My mission is to introduce health and fitness into women’s lives, and empower them to lead a healthy lifestyle, create a positive self-image and feel confident from the inside out.”

Ana Plenter, Founder & Award Winning Personal trainer Toronto