If you ever took interest in something like burning stubborn belly fat or losing weight, then you probably have already heard about supplements that profess you to get you into the best shape of your life, just by taking some pills/powders/magic beans once or twice a day. What you will never hear is that most of these claims are false, to say the least. I say “most” because there is a handful of supplements that actually work and will HELP you get the results. And Rhodiola is one of those supplements that is very effective at helping you getting rid of extra weight in the stomach and reducing stress.

But before I tell you about it, I want you to read the following disclaimer that applies to all supplements. Here we go: “Do you want to lose the stubborn belly fat without exercising and eating healthy, just by taking one pill a day? If you answered yes, then this supplement is NOT for you. Yes, there are supplements that will HELP you achieve your goals, but that’s all that supplements do – they supplement healthy nutritional habits and vigorous exercise. If supplements actually did what their manufacturers professed, then they would be called wonder-ments.” So no, there is no supplement that burns fat, but there are supplements that HELP you do that, when all the other elements of fitness (healthy diet, regular exercise, balanced lifestyle and stress reduction techniques) are present. One of the few supplements I trust is Rhodiola Rosea (commonly known as just Rhodiola). This plant is commonly found in Asia and Eastern Europe and grows at high altitudes. It has been known to increase brain function and increase athletic performance for years (yay! You will be able to do algebra during your workouts!). But, what is more exciting, is that Rhodiola belongs to a group of plants called adaptogens. Adaptogens reduce stress in the human body and Rhodiola is one of the most effective ones! Elevation of stress hormones, such as cortisol and adrenaline has unfortunately become a common part of our busy lives. When these hormones are elevated for long periods of time, the body starts storing energy in the form of fat “just in case” to conserve as much calories as possible. This is our body’s protective mechanism and there is no other way around it but finding an effective technique to reduce stress. Rhodiola is great at ridding the body of belly fat, as it reduces cortisol and adrenaline. Furthermore, Rhodiola contains a compound called Rosavin, which triggers hormone-sensitive lipase, an enzyme that helps breaking down the fat in the stomach area. This, along with the stress reducing properties, makes Rhodiola a unique and effective supplement that will help you burn belly fat effectively! Sources:

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About the author : Ana Plenter

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