Reversing Diabetes with Exercise and Diet

reversing diabetes

Weight loss never happens in a linear progression. Your body will fluctuate on a daily and even hourly basis, in response to what you eat, how you train, rest and even sleep. Any of the above factors will influence how much water you retain and therefore your total body weight. For example, eating too much salt will make your body retain water and drinking coffee will help you excrete it from the body.

Since water weight is such an unreliable factor, we don’t really look at the weight on the scale, but the total body fat percentage and circumference (inches) measurements. This week however, Christina’s progress stalled altogether and we didn’t lose any weight or inches. This indicates that her body has adapted to the current workout routine and nutritional plan. To keep her seeing results, we will modify her nutrition plan and add a little more intensity at the gym to help her break through the plateau!

Check out the video below to watch her workout and how she feels about the stalling progress:

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