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Personal training is a fantastic way to learn new exercises and get an amazing workout. I think that anyone who is serious about attaining any kind of fitness goals should hire a trainer. A good fitness pro will provide tons of motivation, accountability and guidance. Since I am a trainer myself, people often get confused as to why I would ever pay for personal trianing. Here are 5 reasons as to why a personal trainer would need personal training!

Why do you need personal training? I hear this a lot when I tell friends that I have a personal trainer, even though I am a certified personal trainer myself. Those who know I’m a bit of a cheapskate are even more surprised. I know what I’m doing so why not save the dough, right?

The truth is, many of us trainers also need a professional to kick our butts from time to time. This is one expense I always feel is good value. My track record as a fitness professional and a registered dietitian has left many of my clients enjoying fantastic results. I love what I do and I am good at it. But I realize that I do not know everything and I never intend to stop learning.

Here are the top five reasons why I pay for personal training:

1. Motivation: I like to think I’m already self-motivated, but I never push myself as hard as my trainer does. After all, it’s human nature to try to avoid pain. Inflicting it on ourselves is always going to be met with some mental resistance. A good trainer knows how hard you can work and will motivate you to get there… Even when your brain is saying: “um, no we’re done here.”


2. Accountability: Yes, there are days when I’d rather stay in bed than rep out 100 lunges. Luckily, sometimes those days happen to be when I have a training session scheduled. There’s no way I’m going to waste the money I’ve invested in that appointment, so not only do I go when I really don’t want to, I’m guaranteed to put in a full hour of effort. How often have you missed a planned workout, just because? 


3. Education: Exercise science is always evolving and even the most qualified trainers can benefit from learning from others. Whether you’re a skilled professional or a gym newby, you can always discover new and better ways to do things. And more importantly, things to stop doing! (Remember when everyone was wearing those “butt toning” sneakers?)

4. Safety: One of the best ways to get stronger is lifting to failure (i.e. doing reps until your legs turn in to wobbly blobs of jelly). For obvious reasons, developing said jelly legs with a loaded bar on your back all by your lonesome is an easy way to have a gym accident. I enjoy being able to attempt one last squat without worrying if my legs being up to the task. I know my trusty trainer has my back (literally)!


5. Encouragement: You’re more likely to stick with a training program when people notice your progress and no one is paying more attention than your trainer. A good trainer will get excited about your progress, since it’s a sign they’re doing their job well. Some days I may feel like I’m not developing as fast as I want to, but when my trainer points out improvements either in my physique or strength, it really helps me to keep going.

Personal training is a very effective way to achieve goals and get education about exercise. Think of how much closer you’ll get to your dream body with the right support! Get a free consultation with me or one of my fantastic teammates to find out how our programs can work for you.


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