What do you think is more important; What you eat or what you do for exercise?

On one hand, nutrition is important, because a properly designed nutrition plan will increase your metabolism, boost your immune system and improve your health significantly. It may also make your body more efficient at burning fatty acids for energy, releasing them into your bloodstream more willingly.

On the other hand, working out 3-4 times a week, will make your muscles and bones stronger, improve your cardiovascular health and will make you more energetic. High intensity exercise has been proven to improve metabolic functions in the body, making it easier to burn fat.

Without eating the whole and nutritious foods, workouts may become ineffective as your body needs “fuel” in the form of these nutrients, not only to burn it off during the workout, but also to recover from them. But it doesn’t mean that exercise is less important.

While eating clean is a foundation of a healthy lifestyle, you may still encounter health problems if you are not active. Exercising and eating tons of fruits and veggies, lean proteins and avoiding processed foods is the perfect combination that will fine-tune your body to burn fat, get stronger, increase your stamina and make you literally glow with health!

The process of “fine-tuning” is described in detail in our nutritional plan, but to kickstart this process fast, just follow the three easy steps below:

1) Eat more protein: You need protein for your body to recover and produce optimal amounts of hormones. Protein is hard for your body to process and it burns calories while you are digesting it! It also has a thermogenic effect, meaning it elevates your core temperature, which again helps you burn more of those calories.

2) Throw out processed foods: It seems like foods such as bread are natural for us to eat, but if you look at wild nature, not a single animal eats it (or knows how to make it as a matter of fact). Since we have been evolving for millions of years and only recently (relatively speaking) started to eat processed foods. Our bodies are not built to digest frozen dinners, just like your car is not built to run on jet fuel. When we eat packaged food our bodies’ functionality decreases and therefore our ability to burn fat for energy deteriorates as well.

3) Exercise hard, but smart: Exercise is needed to burn extra fat. But the RIGHT kind of exercise will burn fat much faster and more efficiently. Don’t spend hours at the gym and you can spare yourself the boredom from exercising on the eliptical (and other cardio machines), if you do about 45 minutes of high intensity training with weights.Remember, if you don’t sweat bullets during your workout, you need increase the intensity!

Exercise and nutrition should not be 50-50 or 70-30. Both should be 100 percent, so that you can fine tune your body to be a fat burning machine!

About the author : Ana Plenter

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