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Benefits of In-Home Personal Training in Barrie

Are you a Barrie resident looking to get fit and healthy from the comfort of home? We offer personalized in-home personal training and guidance for all types of clients. Our methods are renowned for their positive and enduring results, covering programs for strength training, weight loss, enhanced mobility, cardio endurance, rehabilitation, and more.

The benefits of subscribing to in-home personal training are more than you realize. Thanks to technology and innovative methods, the expertise and knowledge that health and wellness trainers have can go well beyond the gym and into one’s living room. Some of the benefits of in-home training include:

Convenience: This is likely the main reason why people opt for home-based personal training. You can designate a space for your activities at home where there are no distractions from other members. You also get one-on-one attention from your trainer.

Comfort: You won’t need to get dressed, pack your stuff, and leave the house anymore. You can roll off the bed and wear comfy workout clothes, and you’re all set. Say goodbye to worrying about matching outfits or impressing other people at the gym.

Privacy: This allows you to focus on your workout targets more and spend less time chatting with other gym members. Many also feel more at ease doing tough workout routines without strangers watching.

Personalized: In-home personal trainers give you one-on-one support and teach you how to do your routines the right way. They can also provide guidance on nutrition and lifestyle so that you can hit your targets easier and faster. There’s no need to keep up with the others in a gym class. If you’re training for an event, this is a smart choice. Your routines will be yours and yours alone.

Lesser Risk for Injury: Because your workout program is tailor-fitted to your needs and capacities, you get comfortable and safer training routines. Plus, if you’ve suffered an injury recently, then your customized fitness plan will work around your limitations while still ensuring that you achieve your fitness targets.

No Time Wasted: Having a focused trainer and training program means you get to achieve results faster, with no wasted time from chatting with others and just hanging out and doing nothing. Our fitness coaches will work with you closely so that you maximize your time spent on the program.

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About Build My Body Beautiful

Best Virtual Personal Trainers in Toronto Who Deliver Results
Rated #1 for Personal Training, Group Fitness Boot Camps in Toronto by BlogTO, Now Magazine, Muscle Insider & CanFit Pro

Build My Body Beautiful is a downtown Toronto-based fitness company that provides leading fitness boot camp classes, personal training programs, contest prep assistance, and weight loss solutions for women.

Our mission is to introduce health and fitness into women’s lives and empower them to build a beautiful body and create a positive self-image and boost confidence from the inside out.

Build My Body Beautiful brings together the disciplines of fitness training, sports psychology, and nutrition to enable women to look at feel at their absolute best. More than physical fitness, our goal is to empower, build inner strength, build confidence, and create a fabulous body to go with all these.

We focus on the needs of women, exploring emotions and the obstacles that females face in their daily lives: finding time for the self, achieving work-life balance, addressing the family’s needs, and overcoming fears of getting started. Understanding these personal elements is the first step in developing individualized programs to build a beautiful body, positive self-image, and greater control of one’s life.

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I joined BMBB in November 2017. I have been training with Christina ever since, and I couldn’t be happier about my decision! Christina is very friendly, caring and very professional. She pays attention to individual needs and does a great job tailoring workouts based on them. She is also a great motivator! I have been seeing very good results ever since I started; both physical and mental. Recently I started to attend the bootcamp classes as well and I find them to be a good complement to the personal training classes. Alysha from the team is in charge of the diet plans and the combination of the workout classes and the diet plans gets you very good results in a reasonable amount of time. Overall I highly recommend the BMBB team if you are serious about changing your lifestyle and getting to your fitness goals!
Mahnoosh Montazeri

BMBB – best ladies bootcamp hands down.
I’ve been a regular since 2016; classes are challenging (in a good way) and instructors are the best: Aly in particular is AMAZING! I’ve followed her from beginners to fit and firm. When I first started I had sustained a few injuries from an MVA and was worried about my ability to keep up… from day one I felt nothing but encouragement from Aly – she provides motivation, modified exercises and makes you feel like you belong. Bonus: the ladies in class are a lovely source of support! Highly recommend BMBB personal training for anyone looking for a great workout, knowledgeable trainers and a warm environment. 🙂

Fi M
Transformation and change can be difficult; not with BMBB. From my first discussion with Ana to my training sessions with Raya I have been encouraged and challenged to work toward and achieve my personal goals. The combination of the BMBB diet, training and self accountability is perfect with visible results almost immediately. I highly recommend BMBB for anyone looking for a healthy diet and physically fit lifestyle.
Debbi Waish

Being vegan, I’ve found it next to impossible to find a nutritionist or trainer with successful results. Then I came to BMBB.
Aly not only helped me get my diet on track & working for me personally, but she also coached me into the best shape of my life.
While working with Aly I lost over 70lbs, gained muscle in places I have never had before & most importantly I’ve got a newfound confidence in myself.
My body has undergone a complete transformation that never would have been possible without Aly personal training and the BMBB team.

Lauren Piche

I chose BMBB personal trainer toronto based on their excellent online reviews, and I am so happy with my experience! It can be intimidating joining a new gym or program but Christina was approachable and made me feel comfortable right away. Her workouts were challenging and I never got bored as she always switched them up. I started noticing results and changes in my body after only a few sessions with Christina. For someone who had zero experience with weight training, it was awesome to see how much stronger I was getting. I would highly recommend Christina for anyone looking to get back into shape and find their confidence at the gym again! She is a great trainer and motivating person to be around. Thank you!!

Becca W
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Muscle Insider
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Our Training Programs

Online Fitness Coaching: Customized Workout & Diet Program Design

The COVID-19 pandemic has driven many to find alternative ways to approach their daily goals. While others have given up and succumbed to the sedentary lockdown lifestyle, we push forward and provide a viable channel for women to remain fit and healthy.

Build My Body Beautiful has been conducting online fitness coaching for over five years. We have skyrocketed across the fitness industry during the pandemic to serve both the clients’ and trainers’ new needs. Online fitness coaching is an excellent solution for those who want to get back on track, are ready to work hard, but need structure and guidance on their workouts and nutrition to achieve optimum results.

All training programs and nutritional plans are fully individualized to work with your body and your goals. We take into consideration your experience, access to workout equipment, dietary restrictions, lifestyle and personal limitations to come up with a program to help you achieve your dream body. You will be amazed at how your body can change and what it can do in just a few short weeks.

Our virtual in-home training and coaching programs will help you:

  • Lose the extra weight and unwanted body fat
  • Increase lean muscle and look fit and tone from head to foot
  • Learn the most effective workout routines for your body type
  • Learn a healthy and sustainable nutrition approach that will enable you to stay fit for life
  • Maximize your energy and build strength and endurance
  • Conquer plateaus and get fitter, stronger, and faster
  • Get back on track and take control of your body.

Feel more vibrant, confident, and empowered

Build My Body Beautiful Online Fitness Coaching Program: What’s Included

  • A new custom workout program every month (at the gym or home)
  • A flexible and customizable diet plan created by a sports nutritionist
  • Weekly measurements and photos reviewed by your coach to help you stay on track
  • Weekly check-ins, about 15 minutes, to assess your progress
  • Access to an easy-to-use workout and nutrition app with full instructions, notes from your coach, and video demos of exercises
  • A copy of the Body Beautiful Healthy Recipe ebook
  • A copy of the Body Beautiful Supplement Guide ebook
  • Adjustments to your diet and workout plan, as needed
How BMBB Personal Training Works

“My mission is to introduce health and fitness into women’s lives, and empower them to lead a healthy lifestyle, create a positive self-image and feel confident from the inside out.”

Ana Plenter, Founder & Award Winning Personal trainer Toronto