Winter holidays are approaching with a relentless speed and this is perhaps the most important time to look great and be fit. In fact, getting in shape now is an amazing opportunity to take care of the main New Years’ Resolution on the lists of most people: Get in Shape. Now let’s be honest, wasn’t it one of the top goals on your NYR list last year? Are you planning to put it on your list again this year?

Here is our advice: take care of it this year! Planning to achieve your goals in the next year leaves you without a definite deadline on WHEN to achieve them. Here is why it doesn’t work for most people: You make a list of resolutions and now you have 12 months to take care of it so what’s the rush? You rest a couple of weeks after the New Years’, then start looking for ways to achieve your goal for another 2-4 weeks, then you stick to the plan for a few weeks, but before you know it, the summer starts and then it’s a patio season, and you don’t have the time to workout. And eating healthy? Forget about it! Then September comes and you are busy at work and finally you get back on track in October, and then you have less than 3 months left before you put the same goal back on your NYR list. So why try, you will take care of it next year… How many times has it happened to you?

Now, consider this scenario: it’s almost November and you only have a couple of months to get in shape. You take action immediately and start following a healthy diet and exercising regularly. Yes, you have to stay committed for a little while, workout a little harder and stay focused. It won’t be easy, but hey, if it were easy everyone would walk around looking like movie stars. Just remember it’s only for a couple of months. Time flies when you are dedicated to achieving a certain goal and by the time it’s the holiday season, you have already achieved your goal! All you need to worry about is to maintain the shape you have achieved by leading a healthy lifestyle.
So now that you’ve decided to take action, what do you do? You need a healthy nutrition plan, regular (and effective!) workouts and tons of motivation and encouragement. Build My Body Beautiful includes all of it and more. Being the leader in the Toronto boot camp classes, we pride ourselves in providing weight loss solutions to our members and not just a membership. Here is what we can offer you at Build My Body Beautiful:

– Intense, fun and effective workouts up to 6 times a week (ask us about the Flex Pass option)
– A selection of Nutrition Guides to accommodate your goals whatever they may be (vegetarian, weight loss or muscle toning)
– Nutritional workshops to help you stay on track and learn more about healthy diet
– Tons of advice and support from our coaches and experienced clients

The catch is that we have only a few spots left, so hurry now to book your spot. Click here to register to get your dream body before 2014!

About the author : Ana Plenter

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