One of the toughest things about exercising is staying motivated. Motivation isn’t just about getting yourself to the gym – it’s also about pushing yourself further and further, even when you think you’ve hit your limits.

Group exercises are a great way to get over the motivation barrier. Not only can they help you show up more often, but they can also help you push yourself a lot further.

How Group Classes Can Help Push Your Limits

When you’re on your own, it’s very easy to call it quits once the pain or burn starts. In reality, your body could be pushed a lot further.

When you’re in a group environment and you see everyone else around you pushing harder, it’s very hard to give up. You not only have yourself to feel accountable for, but your group instructor and your classmates.

In addition, you have the energy of the teacher to help spur you on. Generally in any group class you’ll have a fit, energetic, encouraging teacher at the head of the class. Here is how we do it at our Body Beautiful Bootcamp classes.

The Power of Committing to Classmates

Once you’ve been going to a class for a certain period of time, people will start to expect to see you at that class. You’ll become a regular.

Once other people start to expect you to show up, it’s very hard to just stop going to class.

Essentially what you’re doing is using peer pressure to force yourself into doing the exercises you wanted to do anyway.

Sticking to a Class Schedule

One way people talk themselves out of going to the gym is by telling themselves that they’ll come back on another day. That other day then gets postponed or changed and eventually they slide off their gym schedule altogether.

Changing your gym schedule is an easy first step to losing your schedule completely. This is why rather than having open bootcamp classes running all day, at Build My Body Beautiful we run specific programs with specific days & times that you are scheduled to commit to. We have found over the years of working in fitness, this is the best way to keep our clients reaching their goals, consistent, motivated and fully committed (95% of our members show up to every class where as only 20% of people with a gym membership come in more than nice a month!) The results are clients get , in return have been unbelievable! Just take a look at some of our client before & after pics.

That’s why having fixed workout times in the form of gym classes can be extremely helpful. Instead of being able to work out whenever you want, you have to show up to the gym at a certain time.

The Variety You Will Enjoy

Are you worried that you won’t like taking group classes? With so many different class options available, there’s truly a class for just about anyone.

At Build My Body Beautiful we offer three amazing programs – Fit & Firm full body workout, Build n Burn fat loss workout & Kickboxing Cardio classes. Each of our classes is always different so that you never get bored, one day we may do partner work and another day kettlebells and stair sprints. Check out our bootcamp programs to learn more.

If you need to blow off some steam, our kickboxing classes are a great way to do it. In fact, if you really wanted to learn boxing, we offer private lessons as well – just get in touch and ask!

If you want something more mellow or spiritual, yoga is a popular option. For a more intense version, try heated Yoga instead.

Want something that’s just a plain fun workout? Try a hip-hop or dance class. These classes will have you sweating like no tomorrow, while you’re listening to great music.

Group classes can be a phenomenal way to both get your workout and get motivated. If you’ve never tried a group class, today might be the day to start.

About the author : Ana Plenter

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