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It is always so inspiring to see our clients succeed with their fitness goals, but sometimes they push harder and achieve something even more important – they become a fitness motivation to other women. The healthy lifestyle they lead and their own determination to keep it up radiate all around them and affect (positively) other women to start making healthy lifestyle choices.

In this case, our client Alex went an extra mile and worked very hard to get ready for the summer. Her ultimate goal was to get in the best shape of her life and after 8 weeks of gruelling workouts, endless meal prep and more gruelling workouts, she can finally say “I did it!”.

Alex Russin After

And didn’t go unnoticed!

One of the top active wear companies, Titika, offered her to model their new clothing line for them! Alex’s response was a resound YES! Check out their full blog right HERE.

A healthy dose of fitness motivation

Being a fitness model requires to keep up with a healthy lifestyle on a regular basis, but for Alex it is not a big deal. After a while, you simply get used to feel great about yourself. You learn to enjoy healthy foods, while the unhealthy ones simply stop tasting all that good. And yes, you also learn to love the workouts and even start looking forward to them.

Read Alex’s full story HERE and we hope this fitness motivation will help you to start your own journey!

About the author : Ana Plenter

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