Eating healthy is a must for a beautiful and feminine figure. However, it doesn’t equal to cutting your food intake to half an apple a day – 5-6 small meals are required for women who are trying to lose weight. Instead, eating healthy simply means that your food choices consist of whole and nutritious foods.

In her last interview with Fitness Magazine, Serena Williams, the legend tennis player who has recently won her 18th Grand Slam title, had stated that she is currently in the process of a “diet makeover”. In order to cut back on eating “junk”, Serena decided not to bring unhealthy food home. This is a great advice, especially when you are trying to eat healthy and are getting tortured by the relentless cravings. When you don’t have the unhealthy food at home to begin with, you are less likely to go that extra mile to the grocery store to buy it. Instead, you are “stuck” with spinach, avocados and grilled chicken breast. Don’t worry, after a couple of weeks, your cravings will start to disappear and you will feel much better about eating healthy food!

Serena says that she doesn’t treat the change in her nutritional habits as a diet per se. She claims that: “diet is a bad word. I always say it’s a lifestyle change.” Indeed, the word diet is associated with negative feelings and words like being hungry, bad mood and restrictions. On the other hand, the term “lifestyle change” is associated with positive things, like being healthy, making better choices and feeling good about yourself. Follow Serena’s advice and treat your fitness journey like a lifestyle change, you will see a world of difference in your transformation and will enjoy it!

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About the author : Ana Plenter

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