Here is a little story about the most powerful tool we possess – our mind.

The world’s tallest building is Burj Khalifa, in Dubai. It stands 2,722 feet tall, contains 160 stories (highest number of stories in the world), elevator with the longest travel in the world, Armani hotel with 160 suites, 3,000 underground parking spaces and a 4 storey fitness center.

This is a magnificent, elegant and breathtaking structure. But before it was built, there was absolutely NOTHING in its place, just a plain and flat ground…

So why are we telling you all this? Because, it is a perfect example that our minds carry a tremendous capacity of making intangible ideas a reality. If you told about Burj Khalifa to anyone 20 years ago, they would laugh at you and wouldn’t believe that it is possible to build such a gigantic building! But it IS possible and same goes for anything in your life.

Just like building Burj Khalifa, weight loss must start in your mind. You have to have a vision of what your body would look like, have a plan and desire to achieve your goal and believe in yourself, no matter what anybody tells you. Yes, it is hard, but nothing good comes easy. We’re sure we can all agree that building Burj Khalifa was not an easy task. But now that it is towering over the rest of the buildings in the world not a lot of people remember what it took to build it.

The architects of Burj Khalifa did not do it alone. In fact, they had many people helping them. And sometimes you too, may feel that you need some extra help overcoming all the doubts and mental barriers on your weight loss journey.

One of the best ways to exercise your mind to stay positive and carry on with your goal – enjoying the process and not dreading it – is hypnosis. Not a David Copperfield type of hypnosis though, but the one that makes you mentally stronger and capable of taking on any hard task that you are facing. A therapeutic hypnosis is a great way to input positive affirmations into your subconscious and remove mental blockages, fears and anxiety from your mind. After just a single session you may experience a much

better mood, deeper sleep and look at life from a positive perspective. You will feel happier and lighter from the inside out.

Once you are mentally prepared, you will be in the power of bringing the change into the physical world. Your mental strength will overcome any obstacles and you will be able to take on ANY task, no matter how hard it is!

About the author : Ana Plenter

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