Get in the best shape of your life with our friendly competition and

a chance to win over $2000 of amazing prizes  including a complete VIP MAKEOVER!


One lucky winner will get a VIP Makeover prize package including makeup, hair and a professional fitness photoshoot (value of $1600)!

We have paired up with the some of the best stylists the the city to glam you up and make you feel beautiful from inside out! You can celebrate your success with a complete makeover by Two Chicks and Some Lipstick, and a photoshoot with Inside Fitness chief photographer for Inside Fitness magazine!

Our winner will also receive:

Three months of custom online coaching after the competition with head coach Ana Plenter (value of $1050) 

One Virtual Personal Training Session ($115 value) with BMBB’s founder & head coach Ana Plenter

One Diet Consultation & Custom Plan ($199 value) with BMBB’s Sports Nutritionist

6 months free access to the Body Beautiful Workout app (value of $60)


What is the Body Beautiful Transformation Challenge?

An 8 week online weight loss program that combines body conditioning, fat blasting workouts with a dietitian approved nutrition plan, Body Beautiful community support to get you in the best shape of your life. The concept of the Body Beautiful Transformation Challenge has been perfected over 12 years by the top weight loss coaches, led by Award Winning Master Coach and Fitness Competitor Ana Plenter. Every component of the Transformation Challenge program is directed to yield the best and quickest weight loss results that you can maintain year round. You will be amazed at what your body can achieve in just 8 short weeks! 

Why we love it?

Mainly, over the years the results have been AMAZING! Just scroll down to see examples!

And really, what else do you have going on in these cold winter months? It’s the perfect time to focus on yourself and build the body of your dreams and enter the warm spring and summer months feeling resilient and confident. Wouldn’t be great to wear the cloths you love, not the cloths that “just fit your frame right”.  Wouldn’t be amazing that this summer you can wear a bikini confidently? How about short denim shorts? I know I love them! Shorts, tanks and flip flops _ I want that for you, I want you to feel the freedom of throwing that on, feeling comfortably, confident and cute!  We have seen some amazing transformations over the years (up to 30lbs weight loss) and we know you can achieve amazing results too.

Check out a few of our previous challengers and their success! YOU could be next!

How does the Body Beautiful Transformation Challenge work? 

  • When: This winter’s challenge runs from March 25 to May 20, 2024 . All challengers are competing for the best body transformation, fantastic prizes, and of course a fit, feminine lean figure!
  • How: Challengers are provided the Body Beautiful Transformation Program (see below “What’s Included”) and have their measurements and photos taken at the beginning and the end of the challenge.
  • Judging: The score will be based on a percentage change of your body composition.   The score is based on a total % change from your own starting and finishing weight, body fat percentage, and inches lost – keeping it fair so anyone has a change to win!
  • Registration: Coming Soon – Contact Us and let us know you are interested and we will give you VIP access to sign up
  • Registration cut-off date is March 15, 2024
  • All your materials for the challenge will be emailed to you one week before the challenge starts
  • We will have a kickoff Zoom call on Sat March 23, 2024  at 12pm EST to go over your materials.

What’s included in the Body Beautiful Transformation Challenge program?

Goal Setting Chart:

It all starts with YOUR personal goal. We believe the key to success is setting SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely – this has been proven in all area (business, fitness, finances, relationships) to drive success. We provide all of our challengers with a Goal Setting chart, which we review both at the start and at the end of the Challenge.  We are happy to say that in the past, most of our girls have surpassed their goals!

8 Weeks of Fat Blasting Workouts:

Over the years our coaches have perfected the Transformation Challenge to provide you with the best workouts to create a slim, lean figure, and a nutrition plan to support your training and weight loss. These workouts are intense – you can choose at home workouts or gym workouts (whatever best suits you!), but fun and change every two weeks to challenge you. Our members benefit from structured workouts that are done in a safe manner and are taught by Toronto’s top fitness pros.

Nutrition Plan Built for Long Term Success:

With your Transformation Challenge you will get a special dietitian approved nutrition plan that is simple, yet extremely effective for safe weight loss and has helped some of our clients drop over 30 pounds in just 8 weeks! Vegetarian plans are also available!

Get a free copy of Body Beautiful Supplements Guide & 101 Fat Burning Recipes eBook that can accompany your diet (value of $29.99)

Bi-Weekly Zoom Check-ins and Q&A:

All Challengers are invited the Transformation Challenge kick off seminar that will take place on Saturday, Jan 13th at 12pm (via Zoom) . Here, we will fully review the Transformation Challenge diet, discuss how to take starting body measurements and photos, and complete goal setting chart. If you are unable to join, you will get a copy of the Zoom video to watch on your own time .  However, we do strongly recommend you participate in person, so you can ask any questions you may have. We will stay online until everyone’s questions are answered.

Going forward, join us every second Saturdays at noon where we will check-in with you, discuss motivation and mindset to help drive your success, review your new workout program, discuss nutrition tips and tricks and have a Q&A period to address any questions you may have,


Your Body Beautiful coach will guide you how to take your measurements and photos at the beginning and the end of Transformation Challenge via the Kickoff Zoom call.  Your progress and measurements are then tracked weekly, and uploaded on your app – our coaches will be reviewing this weekly to keep you accountable!  This is the key component to your success and is the best way to review your progress

Coach access for extra support:

All Challengers have access to our coaches – message us through our online portal anytime and we will get back to you as soon as possible! With your coach’s caring approach, group support your chances of quitting and giving up are next to zero. We want you to success – reach out anytime!

Private Community:

Our Body Beautiful portal gives you access to a private Transformation Challenge Group where participants share challenge success tips, recipes and support each on their journey.  Here you can also ask your coach any questions.

Our Challenge Winner will receive:

  • 3 Months custom online fitness coaching from BMBB (value of $1000+)
  • One Virtual Personal Training Session ($100 value) with BMBB’s founder & head coach Ana Plenter
  • One Diet Consultation & Custom Plan ($199 value) with BMBB’s Sports Nutritionist
  • 6 months free access to the Body Beautiful Workout app (value of $60)

Each Runner Up Winner* will receive:

  • $50 Amazon Gift Card From Body Beautiful**

*Photoshoot award will be award if there are 15 or more participants

**there will be one runner up for every 15 participants that finish the challenge

Want to add extra workouts on your own? In addition to your regular workout, all challengers will get access to extra workouts on the Body Beautiful online training platform & mobile app during the challenge, which comes with additional workouts you can do from home or at the gym, on your own.  It includes a community board, nutrition tracking app, comprehensive instructional videos for all your workouts and various tracking tools to keep up with your progress!

  • Looking for even better and faster results? Upgrade your Transformation Nutrition Plan to a state of the art Custom Diet Plan designed just for you, by ours truly Ana Plenter – Award Winning Personal Trainer and Fitness compitor, who has helped change over 5000 women’s lives! Offered at $149 ($199 regular price) for all Challengers