Did you know that fish oil used to be a mandatory part of the diets in all the schools in the USSR? Well, turns out the Soviets knew a thing or two about nutrition, since today’s scientists are proving the countless benefits of fish oil. Here are just a few of them:

  1. Decreases inflammation
  2. Supports immune system
  3. Promotes joint health
  4. Helps with weight loss
  5. Improves brain and heart function
  6. And many more…

With that being said, some fish oil does just as much harm as it does good. Most cheaper brands of fish oil manufacture their products from farmed fish, which is full of pollutants, due to the way it is raised.

Here is just a snippet on how the farmed fish is raised:

  • Large amounts of fish live side by side in a tine pond (to reduce costs of land and operations)
  • Due to the crowded environment, the water is not circulated fast enough and the fish ends up swimming in dirty waters, hardly suitable for living.
  • Water is a great conductor of diseases and the fish would die out very fast living in such an environment.
  • But due to the mega doses of antibiotics that are dumped into the water on a regular basis, the diseases are spreading much slower and the poor fish continues to live.
  • Since the pollutants and antibiotics are stored in fat, when manufacturers extract the fish oil, they end up collecting a concentrated dose of fish oil along with all the pollutants.

How do you avoid taking polluted fish oil? Look for the fish oil that is wild caught. This will ensure that you are reaping all the amazing benefits of fish oil without the harmful ingredients, like antibiotics, that are present in a oil made out of a farmed fish.

About the author : Ana Plenter

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