BodyFit 8 Week Transformation

Do you need some guidance get started on your fitness journey? Do you want to lose fat and build a strong, lean feminine physique?

BodyFit is perfect for those just getting started in fitness. This is an 8-week app-based self guided program, that includes intensive fat blasting, muscle building workout programs created by the founder of BMBM and fitness pro Ana Plenter.  Get access to four different workouts per week that increase in intensity weekly and change after four weeks to keep you metabolism fired up.  With BodyFit you will get access to a variety of flexible pre-made nutrition programs that you can choose from based on your individual goals. 

It’s like working out with a trainer, but having the flexibility to workout on your own. Your workout routine can be done right from the comfort of your home, at your local gym. 



  • Create a sexy, lean, fit, feminine body
  • Shed body fat and develop a more fit and healthy body
  • Build your booty & tighten your waist
  • Lean out your legs& tone your arms
  • Get rid of those annoying extra pounds
  • Gain confidence
  • Improve self-image and feel great from the inside out
  • Improve your overall health and be more physically active

What’s included in the BodyFit Program?


Our Toned From Home Workout System

✅  Weeks 1- 4: FUN workouts designed to tone + tighten problem areas in just 45 minutes 4x per week - so you don’t waste time doing crap that you hate. Each week your workouts progress to keep you burning fat and challenge you, so you continue seeing results!

✅ Weeks 4-8: We are stepping it up, as this when you will ready see results.  NEW workout program with additional optional cardio days for those looking to burn fat as fast as possible!

✅ Have extra energy to burn? Choose from our extensive library with extra workouts and over 3500 exercises for you to try!  Want leaner legs, toned abs, sculpted arms...add an extra workout, we got you covered!


Flexible Calorie Cycling System

✅ We’ll fire your metabolism into overdrive by cycling calories, carbs, and meal timing - so you can still enjoy all of your favorite foods, while still losing a pound a week, and not even feel like you’re ‘dieting’

✅Have a specific goal in mind? Choose from four flexible diets: Weight Loss, Rapid Weight Loss, Vegetarian, Muscle Building and Detox diet plans

✅ Easily track your calories and macros in our food app (only if you choose - but our nutritional plans don't require it)

✅ VIP Access to the Body Beautiful Mobile App + Bonuses: Body Beautiful 100 Weight Loss Recipes ebook & Body Beautiful Women’s Supplement Guide


Make like minded friends! 

✅ Make friends with the Body Beautiful community

✅ Get access to and share recipes and workout tips

✅ Get access to and share video workouts

✅ Reach out to your coaches on our community board

✅ Participate in weekly challenges

✅ Win points and friendly competitions

Online fitness coaching

360 Accountability Matrix

✅Layers of accountability from track your body metrics and workout progress on a weekly basis

✅ Workout reminders to ENSURE you get moving, and start every day with renewed motivation!

✅ Watch your weekly progress from our graphs as you build the body of your dreams  


How Does Body Fit Program Work?

Sign up for BodyFit Program by clicking here 

You will be redirected to download one of your diet programs (choose from get lean rapid weight loss, vegetarian or muscle building)

Fill out the Body Beautiful questionnaire

You will get an email invite to activate your BodyBeautiful fitness portal and App within 24 hours

Complete the steps in the Welcome Email to set up your account

Go to your app calendar to access your 4 intense workouts a week – switch things around to suit your lifestyle & add more workouts from our library if you wish!

Track you nutrition and your progress each week!



Meet Body Fit’s Creator – Ana Plenter

“As a women’s fitness expert, I understand the importance of an individualized approach, when it comes to setting up wellness programs for women. That’s why Body Fit Program is the only online fitness system that involves a personal touch to each and every one of my client’s journeys.”


$199 CAN