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Bikini Competition & Figure Coaching Toronto

Are you thinking about participating in a bikini competition, fitness or figure contest?

Want to get in the top shape of your life and look like a bikini or figure model? Being a fitness competitor takes a lot of courage, because you are judged based on your looks by hundreds of people. We provide the ultimate solution for all of our athletes, who are looking to take part in this exciting sport. From providing you with an effective contest prep workout routine, detailed nutrition and supplement plan, to helping you with posing, suit selection, hair, makeup tan bookings, Team BMBB is always there for you – every step of the way!

Can you do this on your own?

Preparing for a fitness show consists of many factors that are often overlooked by novice competitors. Aside from training and diet, things like posing, makeup, tanning, picking the right suit for your body, shoes and hair all come together when you are on stage. Getting one or more of these factors wrong, will make or break your performance. With all the information available online today, it may seem that you can figure it out all on your own. But this information is based on the experiences of other people, with different bodies than you and other individual differences. Proper coaching is a must if you want an individualized diet and program that suit only your body. We will coach fitness methods and exercises to give body desired shape.

Our Contest Prep Philosophy

Our client’s health and well being is our number one concern.  Competing in a fitness show is not for everyone.  We interview those who wish to pursue this sport thoroughly and explain every detail along the way. We want to make sure that you are both physically and mentally prepared to enter the world of competing.

We do not believe in shortcuts, extreme diets composing of 1200 calories or less or endless cardio (we have never had a client do more than 45 mins of cardio in a session, even that is rare, or diets consisting of egg whites). We are natural competitors and prep all our girls without the use of fat burners or any unnatural sport/ body enhancement supplements. There is a way to go at this the smart way, safe way, and in a way to minimize rebound weight gain effects that often come after poor prep.

95% of team BMBB first time competitors have placed top 3 in their class!

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What Results Can I Expect?

Team BMBB provides bikini competition, fitness and figure contest prep plans to get you ready for stage in the most effective and healthy way possible! We do not believe in endless cardio, low calorie diets and spending ours at the gym. Our athletes look and feel amazing and learn long-term strategies to keep their hard earned physique.

We guide you through each and every aspect of the prep all the way to your fitness show:

  • Meal plan and a workout routine that constantly evolve (based on your progress)
  • Continued assessments and measurements to make sure you are on track
  • Assisting you with posing, stage presence and choosing competition attire
  • Helping you book your hair, nails and tan appointments on the day of the show.
  • Endless support and guidance
  • After your show we outline a maintenance plan, so that you maintain a super fit body year round!
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Bikini Competition and Figure Contest Prep Coaches

Finding the right bikini competition prep and figure contest fitness coach will make or break your competition and is the cornerstone of your success on stage. Our team consists of two award-winning fitness competitors, with many years of experience in the industry, who have helped dozens of women step on stage and come home with shiny medals and trophies!

“Our approach is based on getting you ready for your bikini competition, fitness or figure show, safely and naturally without damaging your health or metabolism. We do not believe in drastic dieting and endless cardio and hours of training a day, but rather using a slow steady training and a smart nutrition approach. This will allow you to achieve the results you desire, enjoy the process, without facing the huge weight gain rebound effects many competitors have after their show. Even after your show we are there for you to provide you with a detailed post-show workout and nutrition plan so that you can maintain a lean, healthy figure off season.“

Bikini Contest Prep Toronto

Melyssa Hamilton

BMBB Client & Award Winning National Competitor

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What’s Included in my Contest Prep Package?

  • A customized exercise program (weights and cardio as needed) for bikini or figure competition (workouts you do on your own)
  • 4 phase custom fitness competition diet & supplements plan (modified as needed)
  • Final week contest prep guide and assistance (including water, sodium and carb loading and depleting, and tons of industry tips and tricks)
  • Competition prep schedule (outlining all important dates: when to order the suit, get shoes, sign up for competition, when to get a posing coach, when to start tanning etc.)
  • Weekly measurements and progress tracking chart so that you always know how close you are to your goals
  • Biweekly photos
  • Assistance with posing – we will pair you up with a coach and help you practice after you learn the basics
  • Help with stage presence: tips on things like tanning, how to pick suits, shoes, and jewelry, helping you with hair and makeup and more
  • Unlimited ongoing support via phone, text, email
  • Post competition diet and support
  • We are literally with you every step of the way

Ready to Start Your Contest Prep and WOW the Judges?

Custom Online Training Plan/Diet

$199916 Weeks

Custom Online Training Plan/Diet

$239920 Weeks

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