How many times have you heard the phrase: “I SO want to do _____, I just wish I had more time!”. This is true, living the North American lifestyle leaves hardly any time to do the things you really love. Maybe you wish to learn how to play a guitar, or sign up for cooking lessons, join (and actually show up at) the gym, or be with your friends more. Or maybe you have a specific goal in mind, like losing those stubborn 10 pounds, or improving your social life. But somehow, the only thing you have time for after work is watching Game of Thrones.

Want to be more active? Quit it cold turkey!

The truth is, you may have more time than you think. Cancel your cable and Netflix subscriptions and see what happens. All of a sudden you will have 2-3 new hours in a day to do whatever you want. If you didn’t have time to make it to the gym before, now you can! If you wanted to read more books that interest you, now it’s not a problem. And there is nothing that will stop you from calling up your friends or even make new ones with all this free time on your hands! And if you still want to watch an occasional movie, see it on a big screen at the theater, it will get you to go out and do something.

It’s all in your hands!

Realize that all the successful people are masters at managing their time. You probably wouldn’t find “watch 2 episodes of Mad Men from 8-10pm” on Donald Trump’s daily schedule. You can be as successful as you want, at whatever you want, by spending your time on building your success. Free up some time and start working on your goals. You will do more, sit less and will be more successful. Enjoy the freedom!

About the author : Ana Plenter

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