With our hectic schedules and super-fast-paced lives, sleep had become more of a nuisance, rather than a natural way to reduce stress and recover from a long day. “Who has time to sleep 8 hours a day?”, a busy mom would exclaim, “what nonsense! I rather sleep faster, so I can finish those taxes/assignments/chores/other-stressful-things-that-we-lose-our-sleep-over”.
But the lack of sleep has been clinically proven to diminish your efficiency, elevating stress hormone cortisol, causing mood swings, decreasing mental and physical acitivity and causing weight gain, cravings and even injuries. The best way to deal with lack of sleep is… sleep. But, sometimes it’s easier said than done. Our lives are so stressful that sometimes we simply can’t fall asleep, or wake up in the middle of the night just to toss and turn in frustration.

That being said, this is not a reason to lose your sleep over it (no pun intended… almost). Here are 3 supplements that will help you fall asleep and wake up well rested and full of energy in the morning:

1) Magnesium – is the most powerful relaxation mineral available to us. Magnesium takes care of any irritations that occur in the body, including muscle soreness from workouts, cramps and even mood. It is used by your cells to produce energy, stabilizes cell membranes and helps muscles relax. It has been proven to help with such conditions like ADD, insomnia, anxiety, muscle cramps and twitches, high blood pressure and more. Taking 400mg after your workout and before bed will prove beneficial in your recovery and will help you sleep much better. Also, avoid such forms of magnesium as carbonate, sulfate, gluconate and oxide as they are poorly absorbed.

2) Melatonin – is the natural occurring hormone that is produced automatically in your brain, when it’s dark. It is sometimes referred to as the Dracula of hormones and it’s primary job is to make you sleepy. Stress can suppress the production of this hormone, making it hard to fall asleep at night. Since melatonin is contained is foods like bananas, oatmeal, tomatoes, cherries and oranges, it is the only synthetically produced hormone that is available today at any health food store, without doctor’s prescription. Supplementing with melatonin before bed will not only help you to fall asleep, but make your sleep deeper.

3) Zinc – a very powerful antioxidant mineral, it provides numerous benefits from elevating the mood, to tissue recovery and improving cardiovascular health. It is also necessary in the metabolism of melatonin, which as stated above, improves your sleep quality.

These three supplements are often used together, and this combination has been scientifically proven to improve sleep. Enjoy your restful nights and sleep tight!

About the author : Ana Plenter

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