Being healthy is very easy. Yes, you may have tried healthy recipes before, taking stairs instead of elevators, diets, workouts, etc, etc, etc.. But let’s face it, if the diet/workout/recipe is too complicated, you probably will not keep up with it. At BMBB we are all about making things easy for you so that you can lead a healthy lifestyle and enjoy it at the same time.

Here are 3 easy to follow tips that will help you lose weight and and stay healthy, without effort!

1) Put Lemons in Your Water and Food: Lemons are a super food that have a myriad of healthy properties. They help with weight loss, due to a fibre called pectin contained in lemons, prevent kidney stones and cancer, are loaded with antioxidants, aid digestion and balance blood acidity. Simply cut up a lemon in pieces and toss them in your bottle of water in the morning. Keep them there throughout the entire day and discard (or eat) them at night. Easy!

2) Stretch, Stretch, Stretch: Stretching is very beneficial and is quite easy to do even if you are at work. It increases blood flow into the muscle, providing it with nutrients, prevents muscle soreness and injuries, increases muscle elasticity and generally helps you with being more athletic. If you are at work, try stretching your chest, neck lower back and hamstrings for about 4-5 minutes every hour or so. The muscles in these areas are the first to get tight and injured, if you are sitting for too long, so stretching them will keep you in a great shape.

3) Find a Workout Buddy: Working out alone can be very boring. In fact, the percentage of gym members who have never used their memberships is at 67%! However, studies show that working out with a friend or in a group increases gym visitations. Our bootcamps prove this statement true; our girls develop great relationships with each other and help each other achieve amazing results. They share recipes, encourage one another and there is a general sense of community in each one of our classes.

If you are looking to become fitter, healthier and lose weight, sign up to our classes. Helping women achieve the lifestyle they crave and bodies they dream of is our passion and we can proudly say that we are the BEST IN THE INDUSTRY! Click here to register to any of our bootcamps that is closest to you and we hope to see you there!

About the author : Ana Plenter

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