How about we told you that in order to get a great workout you don’t need to depart to a sweaty gym where its members grunt and slam their weights around? It’s summer outside, you deserve to be in the sun and enjoy the beautiful weather!

During the summer we try to stay out as much as possible and there is absolutely no reason not to enjoy an amazing outdoor workout that builds strength in your legs, lifts up the butt and makes your legs lean, toned and sexy.

Try the routine in the video below and you will get amazing results without departing into gloomy gyms. With Canada Day around the corner, you may enjoy this workout without sacrificing time with your family or friends and maybe even get them to do it with you.

AAAND, if you decide to try and complete the advanced version (at the end of the video) make sure to videotape yourself completing it and we will send you some goodies!

Click Here to Watch the Video.

About the author : Ana Plenter

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