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Build My Body Beautiful offers three amazing Downtown Toronto fitness & weight loss boot camps for women with full nutritional support to get in the BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE!

We run boot camps at two downtown locations: 

  • 200 Front Street West (Front & Simcoe)
  • 266 King Street (King & Duncan)


The focus of our programs is on conditioning the body from inside out and giving all the tools women need to reach the highest level of fitness, ideal body weight, and overall well being. 

We strive to provide the best customer service, working very closely with our clients, motivating, inspiring them and ensuring that they reach their goals. We are committed to get our clients to look and feel better than ever before!

We want all women to enjoy a beautiful, sexy & toned feminine body they are meant to have, and the new confidence that will reshape their life. Our programs are designed for all fitness levels from those who have never set foot in a gym to elite athletes. Our coaches are not just fitness instructors, but leading health and wellness expert that are able to modify the program to suit any level.

One of the best things about being a part of our boot camp program is the amazing social and supportive environment of women you will become a part of. Not only do we train together, we "play" together and enjoying fun, monthly social events with our groups. 

We helped over 1000 clients get in shape and we are confident that we can help you!


  • Weight Loss - get rid of those annoying extra (5, 10, 20, or even 50) pounds*
  • Reduced Body Fat - get that lean athletic look (5-10% on average)*
  • Decreased Inches from your tummy, butt, arms and thighs (5-16" total on average)*
  • Tight  Body flat belly, jiggle-free legs & arms!!!
  • Increased Strength, Fitness and Endurance
  • Increased Confidence, and a better self image
  • Love Your Body and Feel Great  
  • Sexy Lean, Fit Feminine Body
  • Improved Overall Health
  • Lower Stress & Better Sleep

*Individual Results May Vary - please note that while our programs are designed to help shape your body and burn body fat, your own results are based on your commitment both to showing up to all your training sessions as well as following our nutrition program.​ 


  • Indoor group fitness bootcamp classes located in three easy to get to Downtown Toronto locations: Yonge and Bloor; King & Duncan & Front & University
  • Option to train once, twice or even five times per week!
  • unique, fun yet challenging training program that combines various training styles that is suitable for ALL fitness levels and delivers unbelievable results. 
  • Every class is different you will never get bored! From resistance training and interval cardio training, kickboxing drills, plyometrics, partner work, group drill and much more! (and don't worry if you are not familiar with these training styles - we will teach you!)
  • A full body composition analysis - starting/mid point and ending result: body fat, weight and inches measurements, before/after pictures (of course this is optional!)
  • A complete nutrition plan (not a strict fad diet!) that is reasonable, easy to follow, and allows you maintain a healthy lifestyle, while losing body fat, staying fit, feeling energized, and still allows you to enjoy social outings and "cheat" foods
  • Fitness Assessments which let you see your starting point and progress (we have members who started with a 30 sec plank hold and can now go over 5mins!!!)
  •  Social and team sport events where you get to connect and get to know other members fitness analysis, giveaways & much more
  • Nutrition Workshops where you will learn all about making healthy nutrition easy and convenient!
  • Close supervision and support. NO MATTER WHAT YOUR FITNESS LEVEL IS, we invite you to join any of our boot camp programs. 
  • The programs are designed particularly for shaping women's bodies, with focus on sculpting a beautiful, feminine, toned and sexy physique: lean legs, flat tummy, toned shoulders and arms. Femininely fit. 
  • All boot camp programs are run by two Pro Personal Trainers & Award Winning Fitness Competitors - the Build & Burn Team, who have helped over 1000 clients get in shape

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